Mary Toth is an American illustrator based out of sunny Florida. She has a passion for traditional media - her favorite of which being watercolor, gouache, and colored pencils. She currently freelances as both an illustrator and designer. Her illustration career began in 2018 with her first YA book cover for Ambassador Press International. Since then she has maintained a love of the YA and children’s book markets, creating images for trade and educational materials. However, over the past year her breadth of work  has expanded to include illustrations for adult novels, commercial clients, small businesses, and start-ups. She is always excited to take on new creative challenges which give her an opportunity to broaden her skill set.

Past Clients:

Ambassador Press International, 2019

Phoenix English, 2019-2020

Published Work:

The Cracking of Monday Egg by B.T. Higgins (cover) 2019

Hedgy Hedgehog Gets the Hiccups by Sharon K Turner (cover and interior) 2020

Becoming the Plagiarist by B.T. Higgins (cover) 2020

Minty Nothingmore The House on Rocky Ridge by B.T. Higgins (cover) 2020

House of Bastiion by K.L. Kolarich (botanical illustrations and world map) 2020

Beware the Bubbles by Mary Toth (currently in progress) 2020