Hello there! My name is Mary and I have been a freelance illustrator since 2018. I currently reside in sunny Florida, surrounded by beautiful and inspiring nature, wildlife, and colors.  I have a passion for traditional media - my favorite of which being watercolor, guache, and colored pencils. I currently freelance as an illustrator, work for the University of South Florida, and am completing a Masters in Educational Design and Technology with a concentration in E-Learning Design and Development. Making time for personal artwork and taking on a limited amount of inspiring client work is important to me. While I do intend to pursue Instructional Design I also plan to continue my freelance illustration business and publish my own books in the future. 


In the Works:

TBA (Children's Book) 2021-present

Florida Critters ABC's, by Mary Toth (Picture Book) 2022-present

Published Work:

The Cracking of Monday Egg by B.T. Higgins (cover) 2019

Hedgy Hedgehog Gets the Hiccups by Sharon K Turner 2020

Becoming the Plagiarist by B.T. Higgins (cover) 2020

Minty Nothingmore The House on Rocky Ridge by B.T. Higgins (cover) 2020

House of Bastiion by K.L. Kolarich (botanical anthology and world map) 2020

Minty Nothingmore The House on Rocky Ridge by B.T. Higgins (cover) 2020

First Circle of Monday Egg by B.T. Higgins (cover) 2021

The Pocketeer and the Maker Myth by B.T. Higgins (cover) 2021

Minty Nothingmore The Magician’s Guild by B.T. Higgins (cover) 2021

House of Darakai by K.L. Kolarich (weapon anthology) 2022

Past Clients:

Ambassador Press International, 2019-2021

Phoenix English, 2019-2020